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Whether you’re the captain or a team member, helping your Walk MS team grow is easier than you think. And the bigger your group, the more fun you’ll have on event day. Plus, you’ll make even more impact on the road to defeat MS.

Who Makes a Great Team?

Team members can be anybody — family, friends, co-workers, neighbors—even relatives or friends who live across the country, too (they can sign up as "virtual walkers" and fundraise from afar). To get them aboard, just ask. These tips will get you moving.

Walk MS Tip of the Week: 3 Easy Ways to Get New Team Members

1. Ask one person – we’ve all got a friend or co-worker we enjoy hanging out with. They’re the perfect person to invite to your team.

2. Invite your Facebook friends to join – say something like, "Hi, I just joined [team name] Walk MS team. Be part of this life-changing party. Join me today!"

3. Email 3 people you saw at a holiday party – inviting them to join your team is a great way to touch base. "Hi, It was good seeing you at [name’s] party. Would love to hang out more and I’ve got a fun way to do it – join me at Walk MS."

Need a Little Help to Get Moving?

Contact your local Walk MS event manager or Chapter staff. We’ve got rock solid tips to help your team grow.

Thanks for helping us stomp all over MS!

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