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You walk because you want to end MS once and for all. Did you know, the funds you raise through Walk MS also help highly qualified students who have been diagnosed with MS -- or who have a parent with MS -- achieve their dreams of going to college?

That’s right.

The cost of living with MS can be a huge burden on a family’s ability to save for a college education. Thanks to your participation in events like Walk MS, students whose lives have been impacted by the disease can apply for a scholarship to help with the cost.

About the Scholarship Program

The Society established its Scholarship Program in 2003. In its first year of operation, the program awarded 36 scholarships for a total of $68,000; in 2014, over $1 million was awarded to 718 scholars. Unfortunately, there are many other deserving students who apply each year that we’re unable to fund.

Luckily, your fundraising efforts can help more future scholars realize their dream. Start by making a self-donation today. Simply login to and select the “Make a personal donation” button from inside your Participant Center – or invite one friend to donate thirty-five bucks. Every dollar counts on the path to personal achievement.

Thanks for helping us stomp all over MS!

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