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Your Walk MS Participant Center is equipped with online tools to simplify and automate your fundraising activities through email, Facebook and your very own Walk MS web page. Below, we’ll show you 5 features that make it super easy to get donations hopping.

1. Reach People Quickly with Pre-formatted E-mails

Import your Gmail, Outlook or Apple Mail contacts into our safe and secure system*, then send fundraising messages to your friends in a jiffy. You can write your own message or select one of the pre-written options for various topics such as:

-recruiting people to join your team
-asking for donations or
-sending a simple “thank you” message

Tip: Increase your fundraising impact by personalizing your message. Even if it’s a simple “I walk because my brother has MS and I want to end this disease forever” will make a big difference.

* What you import into our system is strictly for your personal use. We never use your personal contact’s email or other information.

2. Spark Donations through Your Personal Page

Wanna tell people why you’re involved in Walk MS? Then take full advantage of your “personal page.” It’s super easy.

First, share your story so your friends, family and colleagues have a better understanding of—and a powerful connection to—you and/or the person you’re honoring through the event.

Tip: Be sure to add a photo. People who share a pic of the person they’re supporting along with their story tend to bring in higher donations.

3. Generate Awareness and Raise Funds Fast with the Facebook App

As we’ve heard from hundreds of participants, Facebook is the most popular (and easiest) way to drive fundraising and awareness of Walk MS.

The Facebook app is great because it’s easy for everyone involved. You can choose what message you want to post—or create your own—and it links directly to your Walk MS donation page so that your friends, co-workers or family can donate in one fell swoop. Talk about a great way to increase awareness and garner a lot of attention with such little effort!

4. Fundraise On-the-Go with the Walk MS App

Send donation requests, recruit team members, update your personal page and track your fundraising progress all from the convenience of your phone. Available for both iPhone and Android.

5. Track Your Progress

You can also keep track of how much fundraising you have done both individually and as a team. The Participant Center even keeps tabs on who you should follow up with and how many days you have left to meet (or exceed!) your fundraising goal.


The best way to get to know and how to fully use your Participant Center is to get in and just start exploring.

How Do I Access My Walk MS Participant Center?

Visit and select “login.”

Download the All-New Walk MS Participant Center Guide

Get Participant Center guide (PDF)

Need Help Accessing or Using Your Participant Center?

Please contact your Walk MS event manager or Chapter staff. We’re here for YOU.

Thanks for helping us stomp all over MS!

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