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Why do we enjoy movies so much? Because they tell stories.

The same rule applies when asking others to donate or join your team. Like this highly personalized email from Vancouver, WA resident and long-time team captain, Jim F.

He’s not afraid to share how MS has impacted his life and why it’s so important to participate in the cause.

See how Jim’s personal narrative has helped him build a team of 70+ friends and family, and last year sparked over $6,000 in donations (with an additional $900 via his team).


People are good... EVERYWHERE.

I just got back from vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Not only was the sun relaxing, the pool rewarding and the service wonderful—what left the biggest impression on me was the people. No matter where I turned, somebody offered to help.

I was on my Cruisin' Cooler, which is a conversation starter to begin with, so people knew something was up with me right away.  Some just thought I wanted beer with me at all times but when I shakily stood up that all changed.

First example: as I struggled to get up the steps of a bus, people in the first row stood up and offered their seat. Then at least half of the people on board offered to help my wife and I as they passed us on their way out. Very heart-warming.

Second: A gruff looking security guard, at the famous Cabo Wabo bar, helped lift my heavy Cruisin’ Cooler up the stairs so I could look in the gift shop. Then he offered his shoulder and put an arm around me as I came back down. His gruffness disappeared and his eyes lit up when I shook his hand and thanked him profusely. His kindness surprised me.

And my favorite: The guy who looked like a mobster.

While shopping in Cabo, I needed a bathroom break. I rode my Cruisin' Cooler into a small restaurant. Near the restroom was the manager, a very intimidating man sitting at a small table that was his makeshift desk. He looked like he could hold a bowling ball in one hand while squashing you in the other.

He kind of scared me…until I broke the ice by breaking his sink. 

MS has zapped my legs and my balance so as I unsteadily got off my cooler, grabbed the wall, got the door handle, drug my feet into the bathroom, held onto the sink and the WHAM! It almost completely came off the wall. 

I made eye contact with him, expecting him to tell me to get out of his store. Instead, he smiled and said "No problemo, Señor." 

When I was done, I opened the door to find him and another woman waiting for me. I "walked" out with my arms around them both so they could set me back on my cooler. It’s really amazing how nice people can be.

I learned, even “mobsters” are givers, too.

I don’t share these stories for the “Well, there are good people out in the world so please donate to my Walk MS team.”

I share, because my favorite thing in the world is to travel, yet I spend a lot of time "stuck" in my home. The goodness of people on this trip rejuvenated my wanderlust and filled my soul in a much-needed way. This trip reminded me of something very simple: when I am positive, the world is positively wonderful around me.


I am blessed to be surrounded by so many caring, thoughtful, giving and amazing people.

My desire, my hope, my wish and my goal is to continue traveling and take my kids to Europe on a family adventure. The drug I'm currently using, Rituxan, is helping to keep my MS at a point where this is possible.

Through Walk MS and the work of the National MS Society, life-changing medications are available now to help people manage MS, with plenty more on the horizon.

So, if you’re able to give a couple bucks to Team Steppin' UP, then know your gift is truly making a difference.

BTW - If you're in the Vancouver, Washington area on May 3, please join us for a brisk walk along the Columbia River. Walk MS is a place where I’m always reminded that people are good…EVERYWHERE!




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