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Why do we Walk MS? To show, by the sheer force of hundreds of thousands of passionate people across the country, that WE WILL CRUSH multiple sclerosis once and for all.

And the only way we’ll do that is by funding cutting-edge research to find a cure.

So, whether you raise $10K, $500 or $35, every dollar brings us closer—and gives hope to our friends, loved-ones, relatives and those of us who live with MS—that we will accomplish this big, bold, world-rocking mission.


As a Walk MS Participant, we know you’re committed to helping us fulfill our mission.

Here are 4 quick tips to help you move towards that goal, or will give your existing fundraising efforts a fresh boost.


A. Start by setting a realistic fundraising goal. As much as we’d love for everyone to raise $10,000, every dollar counts on the road to crush MS. $100 is a great place to start, then increase your goal as you gain momentum.

How: Update your fundraising goal on the landing page of your Walk MS Participant Center (login to access). Need help? This guide will show you how.

B. Make a self-donation. Put some skin in the game and show your donors that you’re willing to contribute, so they should, too. On average, Walk MS participants who do so outraise their peers by a whopping 480%.

How: Login to your Participant Center > Select “Make a Personal Donation”> Choose your gift amount > Rock on!

Tip: challenge your friends via Facebook to match or beat your gift amount. Then, every time someone makes a donation, tell all of your Facebook friends about the donation, who it was from, and challenge others to do the same. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the gifts pour in when you recognize goodness.


C. Follow-up is key. People get busy, forget, or just plain need a reminder. And if you think you’re getting pesky, you’re not. It usually takes between 3-5 reminders to get people to take action. You’re merely trying to cure the world of a disease, right? How’s that being pesky? :)

Tip: If you’ve raised funds at past Walk MS events, take a moment to thank those who donated. Post a note on Facebook with their names (most people LOVE to get recognized for doing something good) or send a personal email. Half of your past donors will donate again.

D. Ask your dentist. Your immediate circle of friends, family and co-workers are a great place to start. But remember: some of your best fundraising prospects are the businesses you frequent and have a personal relationship with (stylist, restaurant owner, chiropractor, yoga instructor, etc.).

One Oregon-based Walk MS participant shared this success story:

“When my dentist asked me what I’d been up to, I told her I was raising funds for the National MS Society on behalf of my Mom (who she knew lived with MS). I also added that I was short of my goal. She asked, ‘How much do you need?’ I told her $250. She wrote a check on the spot.”



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