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Why do we raise funds on behalf of our friends, family and co-workers who live with MS?

Because raising dollars is the only way we’ll ever find a cure. 

And contrary to what you may hear, raising funds is way easier than you imagine.

For example, Walk MS participants who simply update their Personal Page (a free web page you get after registering for Walk MS) raise 3x more funds.


Tip: What are the 3 key ingredients to inspire others to give through your Walk MS personal page?

1. Tell folks why you Walk…

2. Who you walk for (even if it’s you) and…

3. What it means to you for others to join the cause by making a donation or joining your team

When others know why you’re reaching out, it’s way more compelling when you share a short, genuine, heartfelt story.

Update Your Personal Page Now

Visit and select “login” > once inside your Participant Center, select “Inspire Others with Your Story” 



To get you started with your own Walk MS Personal Page, here are sound bites from other successful participants. If you need help accessing your Personal Page or need assistance crafting your own, just reply to this email.


Rebecca B. (Who’s Mom lived with MS)

Help Me Make A Difference!

I originally walked in 1997 because I wanted to support my mother and do what I could to help her fight this disease. I continued to walk as I saw my mother suffer the affects of MS and lose use of her muscles one-by-one. Most of you know that my mother's fight ended in March of 2010. That doesn’t mean that other’s fight doesn’t go on. This is why I continue to do what I can to raise money and support the National MS Society.


Noah G. of Team Noki (a 14-year old whose Mom and Grandma live with MS--this is from his Walk MS 2014 page)

This year, I’m going to have my bar mitzvah. A bar mitzvah is a Jewish celebration for a child coming of age and becoming an integral part of society. As my mitzvah project, I have decided to support the Nat’l MS Society in finding a cure for multiple sclerosis. My mom, Dina, and grandmother, Looshka, both have MS and fight with the disease every day.

Looshka lives in an adult foster home and has lived MS for over 25 years. I haven’t seen her cook a traditional Russian meal in my life, and therefore, I have never seen her doing her favorite hobby (cooking). Looshka has not walked in almost 20 years. I have never seen her out of her wheelchair or bed. She still bosses my family around and loves her People magazine. When she laughs hard, she starts to cry, just like my Mom and I.

My mom has had to take a shot every day since I can remember. She’s lived with MS for 15 years. MS is a disease that has been looking for a cure for a very long time and I want to support the MS Society in finding it. I hope you will too.


Karin P. of Basset Brigade (who lives with MS and brings her hounds to Walk day)

When I came down with MS 22 years ago, my doctor said, "Most likely, they won't come up with a cure in your lifetime." 

He added, "I can't tell you what will happen to you, or what your next symptom will be," which sent me home in tears. 

Since then, I've walk every year—for 20 years now—to find a cure. I'm driven to prove him wrong—that in my lifetime there will be. And I vowed that as long as I could walk, I would walk for those who can't.


How Do I Access My Personal Page?

Visit and select “login” > once inside your Participant Center, select “Inspire Others with Your Story” 

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