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Every single contribution makes an impact in our goal to defeat MS and your role in that effort matters to us so much. We can’t thank you enough! 

Since we know it can be time-consuming to grow your teams and/or raise money, here are a few ways that our staff can directly help you in your awesome efforts. Whether it’s working with you to draft an email to your friends, crafting a heartfelt letter, or updating your Walk MS Personal Page, we’re here for you. And we mean it.

1. Update Your Personal Web Page

We’ll help you craft a short, compelling paragraph that talks about your connection to Walk MS, why you’re participating, and even select the perfect photo to compliment your story.

How: visit and select “login” > once inside your Participant Center, select “Inspire Others with Your Story” 

2. Craft a Compelling Email

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to say to inspire friends or family to give or join your team. No worries. We can provide you with a pre-written message, or work with you to create a personalized note. And if you need help sending the message out to a large group of friends, we can show you how to import your contacts and send messages directly from your Participant Center.

Tip: Share your personal connection to MS. The more heartfelt, the better.

3. Draft a Snail Mail Letter

The art of sending a real letter should never be underestimated. In fact, a lot of our top fundraisers have had success by asking for cash or checks. We’ve got ready-made letters ready to go, or can help you personalize your own.

4. Get Donations Flowing through Facebook

Hands down, Facebook is the fastest way to reach a large audience. We can show you how to quickly use the built-in Facebook app to post custom messages to your wall in a couple of clicks, or let the app do the work for you (including reminders that automatically post to your Facebook wall).

How: visit and “login” > once inside your Participant Center, select “Download the Facebook App” 


FACTOID: Your friends need to be reminded 3-5x before they take action. If you’ve already asked once for a donation but have yet to receive one, ask again. People tend to procrastinate till the last minute. A little reminder always helps!


Get tips on using the Facebook app, how to track your fundraising progress and more using your Walk MS Participant Center.

Get Participant Center guide

Fundraise On-the-Go with the Walk MS App

Send donation requests, recruit team members, update your personal page and track your fundraising progress all from the convenience of your phone. Available for both iPhone and Android.



Visit > Then enter your zip code to find the city nearest you.


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