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If you’re already rocking your Walk MS fundraising, thank you sooooooo much.

Your efforts are helping us drive research to find a cure, and supplying life-enhancing programs and services right here in our community for our friends and family who live with MS.

If you’re struggling to start fundraising, or aren’t sure how, then this post is for YOU.


How Can I Give Back to Someone Who Gave So Much?

To be the Marketing Director for the National MS Society, Oregon Chapter is a dream come true. Though it’s incredibly satisfying to honor the memory of my Mom through my work–and for the many people who live with MS that I’ve met through our chapter–I’m still compelled to raise dollars towards a cure.

Yeah. I know asking for money from our friends and family can feel awkward. I used to feel that way, too. I also believed that it took a lot of time. But in the last three years that I’ve participated in Walk MS, it’s shocking at just how easy – and just how little time is required – to raise $400 and up.

In fact, on the morning of Walk MS 2014, I had raised only $50 (I made a self-donation because I didn’t feel like fundraising). Though I felt like I was giving enough through my work with the Society, I knew I should raise some money, too. It’s the only way we’ll find a cure. So around 5:00 pm, I jumped on Facebook and posted this:


“If you know me well, you’re familiar with the amazing fight my mom undertook with multiple sclerosis for 35 years.

Through it all—even when she could no longer walk and had the use of just her right hand—she remained sweet and optimistic.

My dad, brother and I were always surprised at why she wanted to keep going, even when this disease had stolen so much from her. When we asked her why, she said ‘You guys…you guys keep me going.’

Remember my mom with me. Make a donation of any amount in her honor. I just put in $50. Will you match me?

Donate here: (My Walk MS personal page URL)”

By 11:00 pm that night, I had raised nearly $415, for a total of $465.



I started by setting a realistic fundraising goal ($300). Then, every time someone made a donation:

1. I quickly acknowledged the individual who made the donation (along with the amount they donated) – making sure to use their full name so my post would appear on their Facebook wall

2. Shared a funny picture of myself

3. Included a short note about my connection to the donor

4. Challenged my other friends to help me reach my goal, with the promise of a photo/story reward just for them


This was the first pic I posted in recognition of a friend’s donation. I’d like to say that I was the gorilla, but I’m the dork in the center.


Really, it didn’t take me 6 hours. It took about 60 minutes spread over 6 hours. 

You can do it, too. The trick is:

(a) set a realistic fundraising goal

(b) share the personal story of why you’re raising funds and

(c) quickly recognize everyone who donates with a Facebook wall post.


Mom in Walk MS Lansing, Michigan in 1998.

Join me in raising dollars to find a cure, and to fund local programs and services that help our friends or family who live with multiple sclerosis say, like my Mom did those many years ago, “You guys…you guys keep me going.”

Thank you so much for playing a vital role to help us stomp out MS forever.

Marketing Director
National MS Society, Oregon Chapter



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