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Start a Walk MS Team Today!
Have more fun and raise more money! Crossing the finish line with your co-workers, friends, or family makes the event even more memorable. A team is any group of co-workers, fellow students, religious/civic organization members, friends or family members who register, raise money, and walk together on the day of Walk MS. They can have anywhere from 4 to 400 members. We provide materials, activities, prizes and staff who are available to help when you need it. Your role is to recruit, inspire, and motivate people to join the movement as well as raise funds.

For more information about becoming a Team Captain contact Andrea Kofoed.

Interested in Starting a Corporate Team?
Thousands of companies join the MS movement each year by participating in Walk MS events across the nation. Learn how your company can get involved and how you and your company will benefit from participating in Walk MS.

Do Team Captains Receive Extra Support?
YES! The National MS Society provides Team Captains with special support with a Team Captain’s Guide, Team Captain Mentor Program, and Lunch N Learns at your office to ensure your team’s success. Teams also receive special awards and incentives to keep you motivated.

Lunch N Learn:
Do you have a corporate team or do you want to recruit more people from your office? Simply let us know and we’ll come prepared with lots of National MS Society and Walk MS Information, and easy, on-the-spot Walk MS registration. It doesn’t get any easier. If you’re interested in signing up for your very own Lunch N Learn, contact your Walk MS Site Manager.  


How Do I Get Started as a Team Captain?
Becoming a Team Captain is easy. Start with registering yourself and picking a team name. The rest is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Recruit and Register Team Members!
  2. Raise Money and Motivate Your Team!
  3. Have Fun!

There is no fee to register a team for Walk MS. An official Walk MS team has 4 members.



Who Can I Recruit to Be On My Team?
Recruit anyone and everyone you know!

  • Your Friends and Family
  • Your Co-workers
  • Your Fellow Students
  • Your Neighbors


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